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Well Water Testing

Well Water testing

Here at Central Indiana Plumbing and Well Service we are pleased to offer a variety of water testing. we can perform a small test right at your house. We will test your water quality. We can also test the hardness of your water, the iron content, and sulfates! 

I often hear the question “does well water need to be tested?”

Presently, we are qualified to do water testing through your local health department. Specifically, we test for biologicals in your water to find e coli and coliform bacteria. As a result, with comprehensive testing we’re able to find other underlying sources of bacteria within your drinking water.

In general, our basic water testing is through the health department. Another key point is you can choose from a fifty panel test up to a two hundred panel test. The higher the panel the more contamination you might possibly discover. If you have city water, your city should be testing your water on a daily basis or usually twice daily.

i.e.: Recently, one of my best friends had a heart transplant. We found coliform in his well water. It was scary to learn that his water was unsafe for him and his family. Thankfully, we were able to install an ultraviolet light filter to take care of that issue.

Additionally, there are a lot of tests we could do from basic tests to the most complex tests. We can find things like – phosphates, field run off in your water,  and a lot of other undesirable contaminants. 

If you want to test the quality of your water on your own here’s a well water test we highly recommend called the “Water Test TAP Score“. Be sure to follow the detailed instructions that come with the test. To learn more about the water test kits, click on the picture links below👇

Option 1

Option 2

If you don’t feel comfortable testing your water please call us at (765) 336-9808. We can help you get the right water test for what you think you have in your water. We’d love to speak with you today! 

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