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Back Up Sump Pump

What is the best battery backup sump pump?

One of the big things that I run into on a system is a lot of times people will add pumps but not add extra discharge lines. A certain size pipe is only going to carry a certain amount of water. You can have 10 pumps hooked up to the same pipe but that pipe is only going to carry X amount of gallons of water no matter how many pumps you have attached to it.

We like to install a dedicated battery backup line that carries the water outside the household on its own line. If there’s ever a problem with the primary sump line, that battery back up on its own dedicated discharge pipe will be able to carry that water out if there’s ever an issue with the primary line. That’s probably one of the most important things. 

Not to mention, with both of those things running at the same time on their own dedicated line they can move a lot more water from your household than having an individual 1-1/2 inch line for both units. That’s probably one of the greatest things I can tell folks is that having a dedicated line for their battery backup sump pump system is probably the best investment they can make  beyond that battery backup itself so that way they’re insuring that they have their own dedicated line running out if there is ever issue with main or primary line. 

Recommendations and Advice

We recommend and use a PHCC Pro Series 2400 that is designed to remove water for 24 hours continuously on one single battery charge. In our opinion, it is the best battery sump pump on the market. Read some reviews and check it out in the link below👇

If you have mechanicals underneath your house or in a basement or crawl space where you have a potential for high water coming in I would recommend installing a battery backup sump pump system. Typically, a battery backup sump system and install  can cost anywhere from $1,200.00 – $2,400.00 depending on the company that you call.

If someone is mechanically inclined they may very well be able to do this themselves. But I always recommend calling a licensed plumber if you want something done professionally with a warranty and with the peace of mind that comes with having a licensed professional doing it who has insurance. 

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