Emergency Plumbing Services

Water leaking from the ceiling and the man catching the water in a bucket while calling a plumber

About Our Emergency Plumbing Services

Did your hot water heater quit on a Sunday? Bust a pipe on a Friday night? Spring a leak on a holiday? No worries. Central Indiana Plumbing and Well Service is here to help you. Call us and Owner Christian Smith will answer the phone to assist you. Worried about after hours fees? Rest assured, we do not penalize customers for having an emergency. You will be charged the standard service visit fee. We are honored that you trust us to to help you in your time of need.

Our Skills & Expertise

✅ Troubleshooting / Diagnosis Of Plumbing Systems
✅ Plumbing Maintenance
✅ Plumbing Inspections
✅ Plumbing Repair


✅ Plumbing Fixture Replacement / Installation
✅ Faucet Repair / Faucet Replacement
✅ Toilet Repair / Toilet Replacement
✅ Plumbing Pipe / Leak Repair
✅ Garbage Disposal Repair / Garbage Disposal Replacement / Installation
✅ Water Heater Repair / Water Heater Replacement / Installation
✅ Valve Repair / Valve Replacement


✅ Water Testing
✅ Reverse Osmosis Installation
✅ Water Softener Repair / Water Softener Replacement / New Installation
✅ Iron Filter Repair / Iron Filter Replacement / New Installation


✅ Sump Pump Replacement / Installation
✅ Battery Back-Up Sump Pump Systems
✅ Outdoor Plumbing System Repair
✅ Sewage Ejection Pump Installation


✅ Wall Hydrant / Yard Hydrant Repair
✅ Wall Hydrant / Yard Hydrant Replacement / Installation


✅Water Well Repairs
✅Well Pump Replacement / Installation
✅Constant Pressure Well System
✅Well Pressure Tank Replacement / Installation
✅Pressure Switch Replacement / Installation
✅Pitless Adaptor Replacement / Installation
✅Water Well System Maintenance
✅Water Well Testing
✅Water Well Sterilization
✅Water Filtration / Water Purification