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What Are The Parts Of A Well?

What Are The Parts Of A Well?

The parts of a modern well for residential use consist of a sieve, well casing, well grout, a pitless adapter, and a cap. Inside the well casing is a submersible pump or foot valve for a jet pump system. 

The well sieve has a screen made of high-quality stainless steel that allows water to flow in and keeps the gravel out. The sieve can be from 2 feet long up to 6 feet long for residential wells. I prefer a 4-foot sieve or larger as they take longer to clog over years of usage. This is at the very bottom of your well casing. 

All wells are like a straw in a cup. A modern well casing has PVC piping. Residential well casings are usually 4, 5, or 6 inches in diameter. 

This is your well from the bottom up…

Having grout around the outside of a well casing is very important. First, it consists of bentonite clay. The clay prevents the collapse of the structure. The clay stays flexible yet creates a water-tight seal. Bentonite clay is the seal around your well casing that keeps your water safe.

Second, the pitless adapter is a device that makes the need for an old well pit obsolete. Your pitless adapter will send your water through the wall of the well casing underground and prevent contamination. There are many types of these units on the market. We prefer to use Wells Inc. Pitless Adapters. 

Third, the cap should be a high-quality cap that prevents contamination of the well from anything falling into it. Keep in mind that the cap does not need to be airtight and we prefer Wells Inc. Caps made of aluminum. 


There are two different types of well pumps. Submersible or a jet pump. If you have a submersible you will find wiring present that feeds the pump motor that’s down inside of the well casing. Sometimes there will be a pipe coming up the center or off to the side. Inside below the pitless adapter your riser pipe goes all the way down to the pump that rests under water. Wiring will usually be taped to this pipe with special well tape. In a jet pump system, you will see almost the same thing except no wiring.

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